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Syracuse Academy

Syracuse Academy

Syracuse Academy is a center for Mediterranean studies in Sicily, specializing in study abroad programs for college students. Building upon extensive experience in international education, Syracuse Academy offers a broad range of academic courses, with a focus on experiential and intercultural learning.

The centrally located campus provides an ideal study environment, with modern facilities in a historic villa surrounded by two acres of lush Mediterranean botanical gardens. The main entrance is next to the complex of St. John, one of the earliest sites of Christian worship in the West and a short walking distance from the world-renowned archaeological park and the island of Ortygia.

Syracuse, rare among Italian cities, boasts a wealth of the most impressive monuments of the ancient, medieval and renaissance periods to be found in Italy, and has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status for its timeless beauty bearing witness to the passage of many glorious civilizations.

Italian Language:
General Italian (intensive and semi-intensive courses)
University preparation / CILS preparatory courses
Custom programs

Academic programs for U.S. Study Abroad students:
Humanities: Art History, Archaeology, Ancient and Modern History, Food studies
STEM: Geology, Marine Biology, Environmental studies
Social Sciences: Criminology, Migration studies
Creative arts: Photography
Italian language and culture
Service learning

Syracuse Academy – Mediterranean Studies in Sicily
Piazzale San Marziano, 1, 96100, Siracusa, Sicily (Italian language department)