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Schola is the Intelligence of the hands
It Is the first academy fully devoted to craftsmanship and un-compromised quality, it is located in Florence, the perfect location for bespoke products.

Schola is a contemporary maker and craftsmen ecosystem where young students from all over the world will face and deal with the enormous tradition and environment that Tuscany can offer.

Courses are a semester long and lead by maestros who will guide students to complete their path and be able to make product in autonomy. Only 12 students are accepted every term and they can built their tailor made program. Each course is built in collaboration with a brand.

Interactions between course and skills are the heart of SCHOLA didactic activity, we push students to contaminate and be curious in order to stimulate and empower the ability to have a wider point of view on what they learn to make by hands.

Student comes for more than 30 countries and most of them have launched their brand and they are now successful craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Courses are entry level

Men’s Shoes is a semester long course (February and August intakes available) in bespoke shoemaking by Stefano Bemer.

Custom (HandMade Sneakers) is a seasonal course (July and November) dedicated to learn how to build and customize sneaker in collaboration with Stefano Bemer.

Leather Bags and Accessories is a semester long course (February and August intakes available) in handmade leather making in collaboration with Scuola del Cuoio.

Food Artisan is a semester long course (February and August intakes available) in collaboration with Cibrèo restaurant which is addressed to students who are willing to learn how to set up and manage a food business.

Via S. Giuseppe, 5/R, 50122 Florence
+39 055 244534