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Quasar Design University

Quasar Design University was founded in Rome in 1987 by a team of designers, academic teachers and freelance professionals.

Their aim was to realize an innovative educational system focused at the same time on Research, Planning and Experimentation.

QDU is a self-financing and independent private Academy. Its teaching staff comes from well-known professionals and experts. The student’s employment is its first goal. For this reason, QDU applies an educational program constantly updated to the job reality.

QDU is located in the centre of Rome: in terms of beauty, one of the most inspiring place in Italy. All the activities of the Academy are focused in the same location, in order to encourage the interdisciplinarity of the teaching: one of the educational focus point of the Academy.

The main activity of guidance is to help students in identifying their skills. This is guaranteed by individual meetings.
Thanks to agreements with public and private Institutions, students of QDU can also enjoy special facilities.

Quasar Design University