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Our History
Luiss was born from a disruptive idea of a group of entrepreneurs to invest resources and bring to life an innovative educational program aimed at business executives. In the ensuing years, their project persuaded leading public and private industrial groups and financial firms, who joined the founders in pursuing their vision.
In 1977, the University officially became Luiss – Libera UniversitĂ  Internazionale degli Studi Sociali. Its campuses are located in the incredibly lively environment of Rome, the Italian capital city.
As the University grew, so did emphasis on the pillars of its educational approach: a rigorous admissions process, a set number of students, IT and foreign language studies, and a curriculum which is closely tied to the worlds of international business and governmental policy making and designed to meet the needs of the market.

What distinguishes Luiss is its privileged relationship with the business world, thanks to its ties with Confindustria.
Over 500 companies, multinationals, and public and private institutions collaborate with the University, offering its degree candidates and new graduates their first real opportunities in the business world.

In 1982, Luiss further expanded its degree programs and now offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, post-graduate studies and research in four distinct departments: Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Political Science, and Law.

The University actively provides opportunities for student engagement throughout their college careers. Conferences, workshops and services such as a Tutor Office, Language Labs and partner activities are offered year-round as part of the dedicated Life LargeLearning experience.
The school also offers its students sports fields, volunteer opportunities, psychological and healthcare support, volunteer opportunities, and career services.

Luiss boasts an active network of prominent Alumni working in business, government, NGO’s and institutions worldwide. They act as mentors and speakers, often holding student outreach and recruitment events, and serving as models of success a true testament to the bonds they created during their university experience.

University Programs
Students can select their unique course of study within the four departments and take advantage of study abroad programs with a host of prestigious international partner schools.
Bachelor Programs include: Economics and Business, Management and Computer Science and Political Science
Master Programs include: Corporate Finance, Economics and Finance, Global Management and Politics, International Relations, Management, Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability, and Marketing, and Policies and Governance in Europe.
These programs are entirely taught in English, but there are others which are fully taught in Italian.

Luiss also offers a number of Summer University courses each June – August for provisional students or students who wish to expand their knowledge base.

Luiss University and its partners offer a wide range of scholarships, professional opportunities and networking initiatives; all serving to enhance the student experience and help them launch the career of their dreams.

Luiss University, Viale Romania 32, Rome
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