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Istituto Venezia - Trieste

Istituto Venezia

Istituto Venezia is a private Italian language school operating in Trieste since 2006. We are housed in a lovely building in the very center of the town, near the Convento di S.Maria Maggiore. Trieste is a charming town between mountain and sea, near the border with Slovenia.

Trieste is visited every year by quality tourism and offers lots of attractions and cultural life. It is a great pleasure to sit on the terrace of a cafè, drinking a prosecco and talking Italian in front of the sea. Since the year we opened the programs has grown constantly, and Trieste has been appreciated by lots of students who did not know about this city.

We are open six months per year and we offer all levels. Our teachers are highly qualified and we are members of Asils and Tandem Italy. Teaching material is self made by our staff and included in the course price. Your lessons will always be held in Italian because it is both the language and the culture we would like you to enjoy. We assure you that in doing so your progress will be quick and lasting. The teaching methodology is based on a fully communicative approach that promotes and encourages students’ active participation. It aims at developing oral and written communication skills.

A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, as valuable examples of real communication, thus introducing the students to Italian culture and society.


  • Recognized by the Italian Authority for Education
  • Member of Tandem® International Network of Quality Language Institutes
  • Recognized by Venice International University®

  Member of ASILS  

Istituto Venezia a Trieste
c/o Convento S.Maria
Trieste – Italy
Tel: +39 0415224331 – Fax: +39.0415285628