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Cultura Italiana

Cultura Italiana

Cultura Italiana (1980) is devoted to promoting Italian language and culture in the prestigious Palazzo Pepoli, (XIV c.). Total immersion in an authentic Italian environment is possible at Cultura Italiana, because there is no interference from other languages. In a few weeks all are able to communicate in an authentic Italian way (not like a tourist). We teach only Italian with a high degree of specilization, not other languages. We do not want to blend the languages together. An average 950 people attend our school every year, with an average weekly participation of 72 people. Cultura Italiana cooperates with the city authorities, with Bologna University and Siena University. It is the only school in Bologna of its kind specilising exclusively in teaching Italian.

Our courses are especially convenient in terms of cost benefit ratio. They enable the student to achieve a solid grasp of the language in a short time. Students of elementary, intermediate and advanced levels are introduced into the use of Italian from the first day of their course. They are involvead to speak finding their own way. In the intermediate and advanced levels, the teachers will help the students to widen their knowledge of the Italian language, so every day it is broader and deeper.

Classes are held by professional teachers. Each student will be catered for in accordance with his or her interests and needs.

1. Intensive courses (20 hours/week, 6-12 students/class, 10 hours/ week extracurricular activities and 10 hours homework with tutor). These consist of learning Italian following the European Framework). There are 10 levels (4 basic, 4 intermediate, 2 higher).

2. Specially Designed Courses:
– Cooking Wine, – Afternoon.Evening Courses for Long-term Students (2 classes/week), – Individual , – Lessons on line, – Classical singers, – Business, – Marketing, -Industry , – Erasmus students, – Tourism, – Art history, – Italian Literature, – Architecture, – Medicine, – Translation, – Cils preparation and exam, – Ditals, – Celi.

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Cultura Italiana
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