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Angel Academy of Art

Angel Academy of Art

The Angel Academy of Art, Florence, offers an intensive three-year programme in traditional drawing and painting.

One of the very few such institutions in the world, the Angel Academy offers a curriculum designed to produce the highest calibre of professional artists, equipped to be leaders in the renaissance of classic, Realist painting.

After learning the basics by copying the special series of lithographs, the student progresses to working from white plaster casts of famous statues. These are studied first by making charcoal drawings, then by work in oil paint. Work with the live model begins in the first trimester.

Work from casts brings the student to the end of her/his second year of study, and this is followed by another year, working in still life. Still life is the best arena in which to study colour and the illusions of depth and texture.


    Fundamental Programme

  • The complete programme of study is three years, each year is divided into three trimesters Fall, Winter and Spring.
  • Students may join at the beginning of each Trimester.
  • 30 hours of study per week Monday to Friday.
  • Drawing and painting from the live model, 3 hours daily.Other time is spent working on projects relative to the stage of the programme.
  • Post Graduate Programme

  • There is a choice of two Programmes: Portrait or Pictorial Composition.
  • Each of two years duration after completing the Fundamental Programme.
  • Spring/Summer Workshops

  • Annually in March (7 days) and from mid June through July (10 days each). Choose from Landscape, Portrait, Still life and more. Our state-of-the-art school with its air-conditioned clean-air environment provides optimum comfort during the summer months.

Angel Academy of Art
Via Nardo Cione 10
50121 Florence
Tel./Fax +39-055-246 6737 (Office hours Monday to Friday 09.30 – 13.00)