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Learn Italian, meet new friends and discover more about Italian culture!

Since its foundation in 2003, Accademia di Italiano has grown up welcoming students from all over the world, and it has now got 3 locations in some of the most beautiful cities in Italy (Milan, Florence and Mantua).

As a language school we offer a wide variety of courses, flexible programmes and also additional services for the students, such as the support in the study visa application and in the accommodation research.

Our qualified teachers will help you to learn Italian in a pleasant, warm atmosphere. Your learning experience will be enriched by a multicultural environment and amazing extra activities.

All levels are available (from beginner to proficiency). It is possible to start studying at any moment of the year.

Will you choose our school in the heart of Milan? Or the one in Florence, the cradle of Italian Renaissance? Or maybe our location in breath-taking Mantua? If you can’t decide, choose the three of them and let us organize a special programme for you!


  • Group courses (1 to 48 weeks)
  • Short and long term intensive courses suitable for the study visa application
  • Part time courses
  • Individual courses
  • General Italian courses
  • Italian language for business, fashion, law, cooking, jewelry, opera, art


Accademia di Italiano
P.le Cadorna, 10 – 20123 Milano (MI)
T. +39.02.8738 8760 | F. +39.02.8738 8891 |