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Accademia Giglio

Italian Language, Art and Culture.

Since 1995 Accademia del Giglio has been a private school which is specifically aimed at helping international students to learn drawing and painting techniques, gain proficiency in the Italian language and understand many aspect of Italian culture.

The school has its premises in a 19th century building in the very heart of Florence.

Our school is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education and accredited by several American and European schools and universities.

Courses take place all year round. Classes are small to maximise learning. Average number of students: 8.

Short-term and long-term courses in Drawing and Painting techniques (from 1 week to 2 years).

Intensive Art seminars and workshops:
– Sketchbook in Florence and landscape/cityscape;
– Portrait and Self-portrait;
– Life Drawing;
– Sanguine, charcoal and other classical drawing techniques;
– Watercolour;
– Fresco;
– Trompe l’oeil;
– Sculpture with clay;
– Decoration;
– Art in the museums;
– Painting from a photo;
– Floral and Animal Painting;
– Illustration;
– Linoleumgraphy;
– Landscape, wildlife and marine;
– Costumes and drapery;
– En plein air Painting in Tuscany.

Seminars on History of Italian Art and of Italian Fashion.
Tailored programmes for school groups.
Term and semester combined programmes of Italian + Fine Arts.
Cooking courses.

Accademia del Giglio
Via Ghibellina, 116, I – 50122 – Firenze – ITALIA
Tel. & Fax +39 055 2302467