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    Institutional Recognition

    The Visa Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affair has informed the Italian Consular network abroad and related Visa Offices that the Eduitalia Association proposes itself as one of the interlocutors supporting the Consular Network whenever the necessity for information regarding Associated Institutes should arise.

    Attached article 2, 1 c.16 of Ministerial Decree 2000 and succeeding laws impose upon the applicant student the visa, with the same, beyond the other requisites detailed by legislation, supplying also “the documented guarantees respecting the course of study“.

    It is precisely the aim of Eduitalia, thanks to the obligation of the requisites our Association imposes upon itself, to be guaranteeing body of the bona fide quality of its Associated Institutes.

    Continuing collaboration is currently operational with the Consular Offices of the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Venezuela and Brazil. With other consular networks, Eduitalia will nonetheless take forward ad hoc dialogue on each occasion that single difficulties linked to visa issue for study purposes should arise.